Our Beliefs 

Jewelry is an intensely personal choice, much more than just a pretty bauble.  A beautiful piece is a form of personal expression -- perhaps a memory of a favorite person, a particular favorite place, or a sweet sentiment. 

While trends come and go with the seasons, it is our hope you can find something precious in our humble shop to make uniquely yours.  

A Little Bit about the Artisan 

Aloha!  My name is Jane and I am an island girl at heart — born in Hawaii, raised on Guam, and after living on the U.S. mainland for a decade, eventually returned to Hawaii.  I am a self-taught artisan since 1994 with wire wrapping as my ‘bread and butter.' Over the past 20 years, I've honed my jewelrymaking skills. 

I love sterling silver wire and its versatility. I love yarn and fibers with its multitude of colors and textures;  and I learned crafting techniques like crochet, knitting, kumihimo, and beadweaving.  Eventually, I expanded into hammering, texturing, and metal stamping.  In this shop, you will discover different pieces with all of these techniques used. 

I am a Maker and a lifelong learner at heart.  Honestly, I find the most solace in creating. If you talk to any of my family and friends, they’ll probably tell you that if something needed to be made or fixed, talk to Jane — not only because I’ll probably know how to make it, but I most likely have the tools to do it too.  


Jiji + Jo

Jiji and Jo Handcrafted is named after the two young ladies in my life: my daughters Jianna and Jorryn.  While each one has their own individuality, they are beautiful, strong, sophisticated, youthful, intelligent, fun, humorous, and creative — characteristics that I want all my creations and this website to embody. 

Both of my girls assist me with this website when they have an opportunity, and perhaps later on, I may feature a bit of their artwork as well. 

In addition to being inspired by my girls, when I get stuck in the routine of every day life, I like to sit quietly and observe the world around me.  In that momentary peace, I appreciate the shapes of leaves and trees (I can’t grow — ha ha), the colors of a Hawaiian sunset and an early morning sky, the whimsy and airiness of passing clouds, and the peaceful sound of the wind and birds as my family sleeps.

Mahalo (thank you) for taking the time to visit us and I hope you enjoy your visit here!  ~ Jane