Lengths + Sizes


The following Guide can help determine how long a necklace may hang on the body.  This may vary depending on the height and size of the individual. 

14" Collar
16" Choker
18" Princess
20" Matinee
24" Opera
30" Lariat
32" Rope


Bracelets + Anklets

Thin bracelets that have a clasp can be measured with a flexible tape measure or a strip of paper. 

If you are using a strip of paper, cut a piece that is about 1/4 inch wide and wrap right below the wrist bone (for bracelet) or above the ankle bone (for anklet), where you would normally wear the piece.  Measure the length of the strip of paper and that will help you determine the size.   

(*Please keep in mind, taking measurements taken for these types of bracelets are different from bangles, which have to slide over the hand.)