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Aqueous Martini

Aqueous Martini

Nonfat, Colorful Sleeves for your Coffee or Tea

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Many moons ago, my wise daughter told me when she becomes an adult, she'll be having "Aqueous Martinis" instead of alcohol.

"Huh?!" I asked.

"You know, Mom, water in fancy glasses with an olive."

And so, came the name for this very cool Coffee-a-Go-Go Sleeve.

. . .

This unique sleeve is my stitch design for those of you who like a more solid look to your cup sleeves. I created this with an acrylic yarn in a fun aqua blue color. It's stretchy enough to fit all sizes of coffee cups to go. Machine wash. Cold water only. 

All Coffee-a-Go-Go Sleeves are perfectly packaged in its own cardstock envelope in a complementary color. Perfect for gift-giving or for yourself.

. . . 

Side note:  Now that she's 24, do you think she made good on the "Aqueous Martini"?  

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